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Undo the Ego “Home”


The thoughts you find here are simply that – thoughts. The thoughts and musings of a spiritual seeker who has been greatly influenced by the work of Dr. David R. Hawkins and A Course In Miracles.

Also offered here is a way to come closer to undoing the ego by using a state of Being to let the thoughts and emotions of the ego/physical world go. Once learned, this happens naturally as you take the state of Being deeper and deeper.

So what is the ego? What the ego is depends on who you ask and their understanding of the ego and spirituality. The common understanding of “ego” is that it is an inflated sense of how good someone is. In the spiritual understanding, the ego is the little I that makes up what we feel as our sense of self; our sense that we are a separate being from all others; our need to preserve this sense of self against all intrusions, whether physical (death) or emotional (feelings).

In many ways, our ego in the spiritual understanding is also our self esteem. Which could be falsely taken to imply that as an ego-less being we would have no self esteem, or that it could be spiritual to have no or low self-esteem. Yet letting go of the ego does not destroy your self-esteem. It changes it into something more subtle and far more joyful, along with a deep love for all that is. You become much more humble, accepting that the world does not turn on you, yet you regard yourself as well as all that is with such joy that self-esteem seems to be an unrelated concept. Self-esteem needs to have a separate self to be felt. Self-esteem is another version of the ego; just more benign than continual self dislike (duh!)

The ego, in this body’s understanding of it, is developed from coming into this world. We bring our past lives with us as our understanding of the world we are coming into; and then as a young child we begin to learn that if we do such and such, the world will respond in such and such a way. We begin to learn that if we do x, someone or something else will do xyz. This is useful for a young child, as the brain can now take shortcuts instead of evaluating each situation over and over again. We begin to layer these understandings and shortcuts on top of each other. These could be considered meta-thoughts, or thoughts about thoughts. Over time, we build up a sense of the world and our expectations of it and the people. This then becomes the ego as we know it – that sense of “this is how things are” and also the feelings of anger and negative emotions that show up if our sense of “how things are” gets challenged. Many of us feel rejected if someone does not agree with us. Our feelings get hurt. We react from those shortcuts we built, based on past situations.

Dr Hawkins recommended that we just let the ego go; to which I always said, “How?” Just saying to myself, “I let this go” usually did not work other than on a surface level. With larger hurts and ego assaults, it didn’t seem to work at all. As I learned more about how to let go from the Body’s Intelligence, I was able to experience the peace of not being in the ego, for longer and longer periods of time. While I do not claim to be enlightened, I do feel that this way of being has something to offer for those who would like to undo the ego.