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The Egotism of Deciding We Will Arrange Life the Way We Want It to Be

Remember that saying, “Let go and let God?” That saying is often quoted by Law of Attraction proponents, who say to choose your goal, focus on it, and let God work out the details of how to get it.

Letting go of your ego goes a whole lot deeper yet the saying is still applicable.

How many times have you tried to arrange your life? Decided that something should be this way, that something else should be that way, and been upset that reality didn’t go along with your plans?

From what I have read, those who are enlightened are humble. Humble, apparently like almost everything else, occurs on a continuum. You can be not humble at all, a little humble, a lot humble or completely humble, or anything in between. Most people feel they are humble when they don’t try to take credit for achievements.

Humbleness could extend further than just not seeing yourself as the achiever. What if humbleness also meant that you deferred to your version of a Higher Power (God, Allah, Jesus, Source, Universe) in all things? What if it meant that you didn’t believe that you could be in charge, or even that you should be in charge of your own life? What if you totally and consciously gave every decision over to Source? Let go and let God?

Not suggesting here that you just go with the flow; but what if you decided what you want and then consciously turn over every decision to Source? What if you consciously asked for every situation to be resolved without your ego being involved? What if you asked for the highest and best outcome for all concerned without you believing that you know what that is? You let go of the outcome and keep praying for the highest and best good for all concerned.

That means you also have to accept the result even if things do not turn out the way you would have preferred.

What would your life be like if you trusted the Universe that much?

Your ego would be considerably less. It’s the ego that makes you feel that you know better than anyone else what you want and even what should be. Your ego fights against reality, at least inside your own head. Eckhart Tolle says it well. We feel that we are “morally superior to a traffic jam” when we feel that the traffic jam just shouldn’t have happened, and that it’s wrong, and somebody should do something about these roads and these other drivers! That is your ego talking. Feeling that you know better than reality or how/what the world actually is, believing that things should be your way, is a real indicator of your ego.

What if instead, you saw the situation, used your compassion to see that all involved are probably suffering in some way – anger, impatience, fear – and then asked for the situation to be resolved in the highest and best way for all concerned? Maybe that would mean you all sat there for another few hours, which might increase the outrage of many drivers, but what if it later turned out that if traffic had flowed down that highway, a sudden sinkhole would have taken out even more cars than it did?  Sometimes we don’t get to see what the good is. We have to trust that whatever happened, was for the good of all.

What would happen if you turned your entire life over to Source? To trust in Source, you really have to let go of the ego. Or maybe you let go of the ego in order to trust in Source – does it matter which is which?


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