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Trusting Source Completely Keeps You Out of Your Ego

Let’s face it – when you think you know best, that is your ego talking. You don’t know best.

How could you?

As Dr. Hawkins says, numerous things are contributing to every small event that happens. A dust mite in the sunshine couldn’t be seen without eyes to see it. Eyes need life to have developed, all the way from the tiniest and simplest organisms to humans. Where did the mite come from? You could argue it’s there because someone didn’t dust properly, but really, the universe had to be created first, Earth and the sun had to be created, the rock of the earth had to be worn down into dust, the dust had to have the wind to float it through the air, the building had to be there where you could be to see the sun shining through the window in order to see the dust mite… the list of what is needed for the dust mite to exist and be seen by yourself is long, comprehensive and complex.

So when just a single dust mite showing up where you can see it is this complex, with all these hidden background causes that most of us wouldn’t even think about, how can you possibly know what caused anything, and how can you possibly know what would be best? How can you say, XYZ is wrong and should not have happened; when you can’t understand the full complexity of life?

The question of best implies, best for who? Best for you, or best for someone else, or best for everyone else? What does best mean? Is it best to offer your guests a fantastic rich meal, when your guests are diabetic, heart attack, or ulcer and gout patients? In those cases, fresh and simple food might be “best.” For an un-contacted population with no experience of mankind’s modern food, would it be best to feed them a meal of preservatives from canned food? How can one decide what is best?

Even when you are deciding only for yourself – should I take this course, or that one – we cannot see into the future to see how things will be affected by your choice many years later. We think we can see short term (and sometime we can) yet we can’t see other things. Maybe academically it would be best, but college A will take you into the realm of a known rapist, and college B takes you into the realm of a murderer – you have no way of knowing. Your choice of “best” can only be decided within your ideas of which course would be best, because you have no way of knowing the millions of other factors which will affect your life.

You can never get all the information needed to decide which is best – it’s impossible. (Trying to get more and more information can lead to great anxiety about making decisions.)

What would happen if instead of forcing yourself to make a decision, and believing that YOU have to make the RIGHT decision, you did these three things?

  1. Trusted that whatever decision you make will work out, because the Universe will support you in your highest and best good.
  2. Asked the Universe to help you make the decisions that are in the highest and best good for all. (That doesn’t mean you use your ego to try to decide what is in the best good for all; you ask the Universe to do that.)
  3. Turned it over to the Universe while still doing the very best you can, as you are guided by the Universe.

Sometime ago, I read a book by Marianne Williamson (although I don’t remember which of her books I saw this concept in) in which she wrote about having to get on her knees repeatedly and ask God to take over. At some point, it occurred to her to just stay on her knees! That God did a much better job with her life than she did.

Dr. David R. Hawkins also raises this concept, but in a different way. He notes that turning your life over to God at a truly deep level is at level 850 on the Scale of Consciousness. This is a level far, far higher than many of us will ever get. Here it is, right in front of us, a way to use our lives in a way that will better the world and increase our spiritual development exponentially. You cannot help but drop your ego when you continuously ask the Universe (God) to help you make the decisions that are best for all.

Can you go through your life, continually asking Source (Universe/God) to help you and guide you in each decision you make? Some decisions are clearly more important than others. You need not paralyze yourself waiting for input on whether to have ketchup on your burger, or even whether to have burger or pizza, or which restaurant to go to – but what if you trained yourself to turn all the larger decisions over to God? And to follow through, with the highest and best good of all, always on your mind? Asking God to show you the way and following it, even it it’s not what your ego says is the way?

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