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Materialism Turned Upside Down

An End to Upside Down Thinking: Dispelling the Myth That the Brain Produces Consciousness, and the Implications for Everyday Life. Written by Mark Gober.

Does consciousness come before matter, or from matter?? 

Materialism is the concept that the brain produces consciousness (consciousness comes from matter). Materialism views the world as having been made first from matter (atoms, electrons, etc.) that formed into chemical reactions, that then formed DNA and biological organisms, which developed brains, that then developed consciousness. This has always seemed backwards to me – the intelligence in it seemed misplaced. How could such complex biological organisms have come about by the accident of evolution?

The idea that the brain produces consciousness means to me that once we die, there is nothing left. How does that work with past lives? Or Near Death Experiences? The idea of materialism has never made sense to me – not at the intellectual level, nor at the gut level. It never passed the smell test. Taught Newtonian physics (which I hated) in school, and trying to reconcile materialism with my own gut belief that something was not right with it, it was a relief to hear about quantum mechanics (aka quantum physics.)

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Using the Viewpoint of the Eye of the I

Even though this is an intellectual exercise, it helped me understand the concept, so I am posting it here in the thought that it might help the reader as well. By using the viewpoint of each level of experience, or what it would be like if that level really was the ‘I’ of your self, it helped me to understand what it might be like to actually be enlightened, to be One with All. 

Although it seems very likely that any intellectual exercise on this will be only a tiny fraction of the actual experience, I still think it has value. Any understanding that prepares you for enlightenment, or that helps you understand the viewpoint of one who is enlightened, seems useful to me.

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The Eye of the I – You are Infinite Awareness

Reviewing Dr. David R. Hawkins book, Healing and Recovery, I was struck once again by how he views the body and up into awareness itself. What we think of as our self becomes progressively less dense, less linear, as we look closely at the structure and how and what each level experiences.

The body, he says, has no way to experience itself. Yes, we have senses, but those senses have no meaning until they reach the mind. They are experienced in the mind. Without the mind, the senses are just electrical and chemical signals without meaning, and the body itself cannot experience them. 

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Letting Go With Raw Consciousness

Dr. David R. Hawkins often used the term ‘letting go’, although surely other people have used it as well. It’s generally taken to mean ‘letting go of an issue.’ That issue might be an emotion, a thought, a situation (and all that entails) or a block to your spiritual development. Even to ‘let go’ of the ego!

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Trusting Source instead of Trusting to the Ego

Over this lifetime, I have learned that even when things seem to not be going the way I hoped, it turns out just fine in the end. Being able to see that has made trusting the Universe much easier for me that it would be for others, who have not had such examples of trust. (Or maybe I trusted first, and the Universe responded to what I believed.)

Trusting the Universe has meant that even when things don’t go my preferred way – death of a loved one is an example – I’ve still been able to maintain some faith. I’ve been able to see having to put my beloved dog down as a chance to learn to forgive myself and others and humbly ask for his forgiveness. I’ve been able to watch a loved one with an extreme fear of death take years to die a lingering, fearful death and yet still see it with faith. I’ve dealt with sudden death, with the suicide of a loved one, the loss of my home and almost all I’ve held dear, and sometimes been able to stay out of my ego. (But how I have suffered when I have not been able to stay out of my ego.) I notice that I stay out of the ego almost automatically when I trust Source. [continue reading…]


The Other Person as the Delivery Mechanism

Are you finding yourself blaming someone else as the cause of your problems or as the cause of your emotional upset?

How different would it feel if you knew that other person was actually delivering to you a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth?

No one can make you feel anything. What they can do is act as a trigger to bring existing feelings out in you. Could that be a good thing? [continue reading…]


Consider the ego and your problems from these three viewpoints.

  1. When you focus on yourself or your life as having a problem, you are focused on your ego.
  2. It makes you a separate “I” from the rest of the world, when “you” have this problem that no one else does, or has in quite the same way.
  3. Focusing on the problem as part of your identity keeps reinforcing the ego.

Seeing yourself as someone who has problems makes your identity that of someone with problems! It focuses you in the physical and emotional world of the ego.




What Do You Believe As Your Identity?

Is your identity with your body, mind, or spirit?

Many people keep their identity with their body. They live in fear of the body dying or being injured. This may seem to be quite rational, especially to the ego.

Perhaps the ego is a natural evolution of having a body. Even if a particular body is not very conscious, it still needs to eat and drink and do what bodies do. According to Dr. David Hawkins, the ego came about as the brain needed to be able to calculate the difference between where “I” am and the food. Even an amoeba moves towards food and away from harm. That would be start of the ego setting itself up as a separate “I”. It knows that “it” needs food, and that the food is separate from “itself”.

That doesn’t mean that you have to continue to associate your “I” with the body. However, even amongst those who claim they are not the body, you still see a certain amount of attachment to the body. Have you ever talked with someone who you know has often said that they are “not their body”, and then been talking again with them when a potentially life threatening illness shows up? The attachment to the body is likely to show up then.  That is a sign that at least part of that person’s identity is held with the body. [continue reading…]


Let’s face it – when you think you know best, that is your ego talking. You don’t know best.

How could you?

As Dr. Hawkins says, numerous things are contributing to every small event that happens. A dust mite in the sunshine couldn’t be seen without eyes to see it. Eyes need life to have developed, all the way from the tiniest and simplest organisms to humans. Where did the mite come from? You could argue it’s there because someone didn’t dust properly, but really, the universe had to be created first, Earth and the sun had to be created, the rock of the earth had to be worn down into dust, the dust had to have the wind to float it through the air, the building had to be there where you could be to see the sun shining through the window in order to see the dust mite… the list of what is needed for the dust mite to exist and be seen by yourself is long, comprehensive and complex. [continue reading…]


Remember that saying, “Let go and let God?” That saying is often quoted by Law of Attraction proponents, who say to choose your goal, focus on it, and let God work out the details of how to get it.

Letting go of your ego goes a whole lot deeper yet the saying is still applicable.

How many times have you tried to arrange your life? Decided that something should be this way, that something else should be that way, and been upset that reality didn’t go along with your plans? [continue reading…]