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Letting Go

This website offers some thoughts about undoing the ego, and focuses on a practical way to do just that. When you are in your ego, you are “in your head”. If you can get “into the body” at a deep level, you will be in what could be called the Body’s Intelligence. Letting go from the Body’s Intelligence seems to be much easier, faster and deeper than trying to let go from the head.

Being in the Body’s Intelligence requires NOT being in the head. For many people, this takes practice and is a learned skill, although we must have been born in our own Body’s Intelligence and learned how to be in our head as youngsters.

When I call it the Body’s Intelligence, I don’t know that as a definitive fact. I simply chose “Body’s Intelligence”as the name. Can any of us really say that one thing is the Body’s Intelligence and another thing is not? It could just as easily be the energy body; the body that basically “runs” the physical body. Please don’t get tied up over the name. It’s a basic and simple process to start you there; some people have more trouble with it than others; lots of people need a lot of practice, and a very few people are still in the Body’s Intelligence all through their lives.

Your first step in letting go is to be in that energy body or the Body’s Intelligence or whatever you want to call it. It’s a state of being very aware of the body. There is an intelligence within this state that is outside of the head or brain. Many people would simple call it being in the body yet the state goes deeper than that – hence the name, Body’s Intelligence.

Your second step is be able to direct a small portion of your awareness back to the problem (what you would like to let go of), and notice how your Body’s Intelligence responds via body sensations.

Third and fourth steps are to bring more energy to the situation via breathing and to be with the Intelligence and the Body completely, monitoring the Body’s Intelligence without being drawn back into the head.

To let go of the ego, you start by letting go of being in the head. Once you begin the process of being in the Body’s Intelligence (and OUT of the head), you let go of specific episodes and upsets and beliefs. As you become more practiced, you let go of progressively deeper beliefs and assumptions about who you are and the world you live in. Over time, and as you go deeper yet into the Body’s Intelligence, you find yourself resting in a state of Awareness that leads to a very peaceful joy.

Yes, you can do this on your own. It will be faster and easier – much, much easier – if you have someone to work with. This could be a partner who is learning as you are learning. For the fastest results, you will need someone who is already more experienced at being in the Body’s Intelligence, who is able to hear the messages from the Intelligence about what will move the old beliefs, thoughts and assumptions in the fastest and easiest way.

Please see the page Undo YOUR Ego.