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Radio 2017

The following are links to shows hosted on CFBX 92.5 FM in 2017. The most recent are listed first. Please see other pages for 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020 shows.


Paul Smith Enlightenment for Lazy People Dec. 2017

A look at a book by Paul Smith, entitled “Enlightenment for Lazy People”


Vedantas Dec. 2017

A look at the three traditional ways to God.


Nothing Causes Anything Dec. 2017

This is the start of a deep spiritual understanding, that nothing causes anything. All is so completely inter-related that nothing can happen on its own.


CEE Judgment and Control Part 2 Nov 7 2017

Part 2 of the series, Judgment and Control


Naikan Gratitude Nov 14 2017

Introduction to gratitude with Naikan, a Japanese psychology practice that helps you to see life in a whole new way.


Personal Philosophy Nov 21 2017


Free Will Part 3 Oct 10 2017

Part 3 of a discussion on free will; featuring an interview with Dylan Olson who has had to make choices many of us never face.


Judgment and Control Pt 1 Oct 24 2107

Have you found yourself stuck in judgment and wanting to control a situation?


Book Review Butterflies Nov 1 2016

Taking a quick look at the first part of the “Butterflies” spiritual book


Authors Dec 6 2016

Authors of influence


Free Will Prt 2 Sept 26 2017

Part 2 of a series on free will – could free will be a continuum, rather than we have it or we don’t? Could it b that parts of ourselves have it and other parts do not? Or that we have free will in some circumstances but not others?


Alan Watts Nature of Consciousness Aug 22 2017

Discussion of some of Alan Watt’s writings on the nature of consciousness.


Ram Dass Love Consciousness Aug 8 2017

A discussion of Ram Dass and Love Consciousness.


Ego Structure Pt 3 July 2017


Ego Structure Pt 2 – Loosen the Ego July 2017


Ego Structure Pt 1 July 2017

First part of a series on the ego.


Procrastination and Ego


What Makes Up Love?

What are some of the ingredients of love?


Various Thoughts On Consciousness

Thoughts of a neuroscientist, philosopher, yogi, animal bahavourist, and mathematician on consciousness


Egoic Anger March 7 2017

Anger is a very egoic emotion that will keep you trapped in your ego, if you let it. The ego prefers that you see things as being separate from you and as something to be judged and found wanting. Anger is the resulting emotion.


Negative Thinking Feb 21 2017

Is negative thinking a choice? Do your thoughts control you? Your thoughts depend on your choice of a mindset. Your ego loves negativity and will thrive on it. Negative thinking occurs on a continuum between anger and joy, and is built from negative emotional energy. Your thoughts will betray your real level of energy, often surfacing in layers of energy.


Make New Storyline Choice Jan 31 2017

The storyline that you are using to run your life is a lynchpin of your ego. If you have a storyline about how rotten your life is, that holds the ego in place quite well – the ego feeds off negativity. It can be helpful in loosening up the ego to reinterpret that storyline into something more supportive. You get to choose how you interpret the facts of your life.


Spiritual Ego and Watching the Ego

The show opens with a few quotes from Dr. David R. Hawkins, first about anger, then about the process of spiritual development. The show then looks at the concept of the spiritual ego from several viewpoints, before segueing into a discussion of the difference between using spirituality to make ‘me’ feel better or using spirituality to reduce ‘me’. The use of the word ‘spiritual ‘ is defined in several ways and the concept of watching the ego discussed.


Ego Jan 24 2017


Inner Energy Jan 17 2017

What is your inner energy? How it relates to your ego.


Storylines Part 2 Jan 10 2017

Live at CFBX Consciousness Ego Enlightenment – Storylines part 2