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Radio 2018

The following are links to shows hosted on CFBX 92.5 FM in 2018. The most recent are listed first. Please see other pages for 2020, 2019, 2017 and 2016 shows.


The Master Game Dec. 18 2018

An overview of the book, the Master Game, by Dr. Robert S. de Ropp. The Master Game is the game of awakening. A somewhat cynical book, but worth the read. Take note of the 6 different types of Master Game playing that do not end in awakening.


Disabling Thoughts Dec 11 2018

A discussion of first, spiritual leaders who tell us not to believe our thoughts; second, why our thoughts can never be completely accurate; and third, a few, very disabling (spiritually speaking) thoughts that we should not believe.


A Course In Miracles Chapter 17 Dec 4 2018

A short summary of Chapter 17 of A Course In Miracles, with some commentary.


David Hawkins Letting Go with Raw Consciousness Nov 27 2018

David Hawkins often talked about letting go of emotions and the ego, but many people have difficulty making it happen. This shows offers a way to do this using ‘raw consciousness’, which is a more focused way of letting go than the more general way Hawkins discussed, while still using the same general method.

While unable to offer a sample over the radio, please contact Cara if you would like either an audio or a discussion of how to let go using the ‘raw consciousness’ method of letting go.


A Course in Miracles Chapter 16 Nov 20 2018

A summary of Chapter 16, with an explanation of special relationships.


A Course In Miracles Chapter 15 Nov 13 2018

Chapter 15 introduces the concept of the Holy Instant – that moment in time where judgment is suspended, and the Holy Spirit teaches you the thought system of Christ.


Open Ego Nov 6 2018

What is an ‘open ego’? The concept of an open ego is of an ego that is open to losing itself; open to spirituality. Egos are not generally very open towards being anything but themselves, but with emotional maturity an ego opens and loosens. This brings a happier life (without the ego insisting on taking positions) and may well be a step forward towards enlightenment.


A Course In Miracles chapter 14 Oct 30 2018

An overview, with comments, of chapter 14 of A Course In Miracles.


Collision with the Infinite Oct 23 2018

A review of Suzanne Segal’s book, Collision with the Infinite, which is her own account of what she first thought of as a psychological disorder but later came to realize was enlightenment. It appears that Suzanne, for about 12 years, experienced ‘no-self’ before  transitioning into ‘all-self.’

The book is an interesting account of what it is like to be ‘no-self’ instead of the ego-self we all normally experience.


Chapter 13 A Course In Miracles Oct 16 2018

A review, with comments, of Chapter 13 of A Course In Miracles, Circle of Atonement edition. This audio is shorter than usual, as an interview for a local festival was removed from the audio.


Be In The Present Moment

What does it mean to be “in the present moment”? How do you manage to do that and still function in life?


What Is The Self? Oct 9 2018

What is the self? We hear people talk about finding their true self, but when you start looking for your ‘self’, you realize either that you can’t find anything at all, or that what you think of as yourself changes as fast as the various roles you play. Is your ‘self’ only your ego? Is there a ‘self’ at all?


David Hawkins Responsible for Thoughts Sept 25 2018

This show is the first in a series of summaries of the teachings of Dr. David R. Hawkins.

Taking responsibility for our thoughts and our egos is central to Hawkins’ teachings. The show starts with a truly appropriate Alan Watts quote (with plenty of Hawkins’ quotes throughout the show.)

“Ultimately, happiness comes down to choosing between the discomfort of becoming aware of your mental afflictions or the discomfort of being ruled by them.”

This is your choice: to take responsibility for your thoughts and your ego and to release them in the process, or to be ruled by your thoughts and ego.


A Course In Miracles Chapter 12 Sept. 18 2018

A quick overview of Chapter 12, in the Circle of Atonement edition of A Course In Miracles.


What People Don’t Understand Sept 11 2018

It’s easy to misunderstand today’s modern-age spirituality if you don’t have some of the background needed to make it work in your own live. This show is an attempt to explain some the unspoken, often mis-understood background behind some common modern-age spiritual principles.


A Course In Miracles Chapter 11 Sept 4 2018

A discussion of Chapter 11, A Course In Miracles, Circle of Atonement edition


Chapter 10 Discussion of A Course In Miracles Aug 28 2018

A presentation on Chapter 10, of the Circle of Atonement edition of A Course In Miracles. This is not so much a summary, as has been posted in previous ACIM shows, but more of a discussion of what the overall meaning of the chapter is – not to put the body or physical presence/this world as an idol in front of God.


Jehovah’s Witnesses Interview  Aug 21 2018

In one of the rare shows where we take a look at religions, this show focuses on Jehovah’s Witnesses. Join us with David Charbonneau, as he talks about how he left the Jehovah’s Witness church as a young man.


Barb Hembling, ACIM Teacher Aug. 14 2018

An interview with Barb Hembling, who has led many study groups in A Course of Miracles.


A Course In Miracles Chapter 9 Aug 7 2018

A summary of Chapter 9, of the Circle of Atonement edition of A Course In Miracles – The Plan of Forgiveness.


David Hawkins Consciousness Levels Prt1 July 31 2018

An initial look at Dr. David R. Hawkins Levels of Consciousness, from 20 into 400. This is Part 1 of a multipart show.


Teachings of Adyashanti July 24 2018

Adyashanti has published three videos summarizing his teachings, available on youtube. This show covers these three videos. This link leads to all three videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhdFmgb5xYg


A Course In Miracles Chapter 8 July 10 2018

A summary of Chapter 8 in the Circle of Atonement edition of A Course In Miracles.


A Course In Miracles Chapter 7

A summary of Chapter 7 of A Course In Miracles, Circle of Atonement edition.


A Course In Miracles Chapter 7 July 3 2018

A summary of Chapter 7 of A Course In Miracles, Circle of Atonement edition.


Inside Out Revolution June 26 2018

An overview of the book, The Inside Out Revolution. The book may have been intended as more of a motivational/self-help book but is also useful from a spiritual perspective.


I Brake for Butterflies Stages of Spirituality June 19 2018

A partial look into the book by Judith Campbell, I Brake for Butterflies. Focusing mostly on her version of the stages of spirituality


Chapter 6 A Course In Miracles Summary June 12 2018

Summary of the Circle of Atonement edition of Chapter 6, A Course In Miracles.


Rude Awakening June 5 2018

A recap of the first sections of the book, Rude Awakening, by P. T. Mistlberger – a highly recommended read.


A Course In Miracles Chapter 5 May 29 2018

A summary of the Circle of Atonement edition of Chapter 5, A Course In Miracles.


Virtual Reality – Your Ego May 22 2018

Comparing your ego to a video or online computer brain can help you understand your ego!


World Religions May 15 2018

A very quick review of World Religions, which is a topic far too big to cover in any one show.


A Course In Miracles Chapter 4 May 8 2018

A Course In Miracles Chapter 4


A Course In Miracles Chapter 3

A summary of Chapter 3, of A Course In Miracles, Circle of Atonement edition.


Powered by Source April 10 2018

What really supports you in this life? What is the most basic underlying energy that keeps you operational in this life? That life force within you! You didn’t make it. You personally, at least consciously, don’t have the intelligence to keep your cells turning over and your organs doing what they do. Is it all your unconscious brain that runs all that? Or it is Source?


Egoic Trance April 3 2018

Your storytelling mind puts your awareness into an egoic trance.


Mind as Storyteller March 27 2018

Your mind is just a storyteller, making up stories all day long, and repeating them over and over again.


A Course In Miracles Chapter 2 March 20 2018

A summary of Chapter 2 of A Course in Miracles, Circle of Atonement edition.


Kundalini Rising

What is Kundalini, the serpent? A general discussion of Kundalini as the energy that first supports your life, and then, with your spiritual development, supports you in becoming One with God.


The Support of the World and Gratitude Feb. 27 2018

Even something as simple as your morning coffee from your favourite coffee shop shows you how the entire world is actually supporting you in a way that you may not have realized. When you get annoyed or angry at the world or at some perceived slight and gratitude is hard to feel, there is a way.


A Course In Miracles Chapter One Summary Feb 13 2018

A generalized look at the fifty miracle principles articulated in Chapter One of A Course In Miracles.


Book Review Heading Towards Omega 

An overview of the book by Dr. Kenneh Ring, “Heading Towards Omega” and his conclusion that Near Death Experiences are an evolutionary way of heading the human race in a new direction: humans with expanded consciousness.


Panpsychism and Idealism Feb. 6 2018

A general discussion of materialism, dualism panpsychism and idealism, compared.


The Edges of Spirituality

What is “spiritual”? What isn’t? What is something other than spiritual?


Intro to A Course In Miracles 

Background information on A Course in Miracles


Karma Jan 9 2018

A discussion of karma.


Res Externa, Ren Cogna, Res Interna Jan 2 2018
How what we see outside ourselves (res externa) we think about and interpret (res cogna) and that interpretation becomes our reality (res interna).