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Radio 2019

The following are links to shows hosted on CFBX 92.5 FM in 2019. The most recent are listed first. Please see other pages for 2020, 2018, 2017, and 2016 shows.

CEE Chapter 27 A Course In Miracles

A short summary of Chapter 27 of A Course In Miracles. This chapter may be particularly useful for those experiencing illness.

Show aired Dec. 17 2019


CEE Presuppositions and Positionalities

Having pre-set ideas in your head about how life works can be directly oppositional to your spiritual goals. Dr. David R. Hawkins listed off a series of positionalities – what has been referred to as presuppositions – that prevent you from moving forward, spirituality speaking.

Show from Dec 10 2019, 92.5 the X CFBX radio


CEE A Course In Miracles Chapter 26 Dec 3 2019

A short summary of Chapter 26 of A Course In Miracles.


CEE Addressing Spiritual Concerns

Students bring forth common spiritual concerns; some of these are discussed in this show.


CEE Presuppositions Nov 26 2019

We all have unconscious beliefs that stand in the way of our spirituality. To be open to the truth, we have to uncover these beliefs. “Presupposition” is the term for beliefs that are hidden in our use of language, and we seldom question presuppositions until they are brought to our attention. Some presuppositions that many spiritual seekers use are discussed in this show.


CEE Chapter 25 of A Course In Miracles Nov 5 2019

A summary of Chapter 25 of A C course In Miracles: The Justice of God.


CEE A Course In Miracles Chapter 24

A short summary of Chapter 24 of A Course In Miracles.


CEE A Course In Miracles Chapter 23 July 23 2019

A short look at Chapter 23 of A Course In Miracles.


CEE No Personal Will Oct 29 2109

If there isn’t a personal self, how can there be a personal will? What is a personal will, is it an egoic will? What about a spiritual will or Divine Will?


CEE No Personal Self Oct 22 2019

Is there a personal self? Most of us think that there obviously is, and why wouldn’t there be a personal self? This discussion of a personal self is about there not actually being any personal self whatsoever, beyond the ego’s imagination.


CEE Absolute As Infinite Consciousness

Is the world just consciousness dreaming?

In taking another look at the Absolute, and brief looks at various forms of spirituality, the question has to be asked.


CEE A Course In Miracles, Chapter 22

A look at Chapter 22 of A Course In Miracles


CEE A Course In Miracles, Chapter 21

Using the Thomas Wakechild edition of A Course in Miracles, Chapter 21points out that we are responsible for what we see.

If you see horror and hate, that is what you choose to project outwards, which then becomes what you see in the world which we have made.


CEE Advaita, or Non-duality

A discussion of Advaita, literally “not-two” in Sanskrit.


CEE Blocks to Enlightenment Apr 2 2019

We have many built-in blocks to enlightenment. With most of these, we can’t even recognize them as blocks because they are so deeply engrained into our usual lives. Three are focused on in this show: our language that assumes separation; fear/self-protection; and time/the future.


CEE Absolute March 26 2019

The Absolute – Infinite – God – all names for the same thing? Until we understand what the Absolute is, it can be hard to change our thinking from our conditioned, ego-driven relative-style thinking into thinking from the viewpoint that is enlightenment.


CEE Aware of Being Aware

Rupert Spira published a small book, Being Aware of Being Aware, that forms much of the basis of today’s show.


CEE Gift of Awareness Feb 19 2019

You’ve been given a great gift in life – awareness. What do you do with it?


CEE A Course In Miracles Chapter 19 Feb 12 2019

An overview, with comments, on A Course In Miracles, Chapter 19; primarily taken from the version by Elizabeth Cronkhite and the Foundation of Inner Peace edition.



CEE Spiritual Mentoring Feb 5 2019

A comparison of the different terms of spiritual guides, mentors, directors and companions; why you may want to have s spiritual mentor or companion and a bit about what to expect.



A Course In Miracles Chapter 18 Jan 22 2019

A short summary of Chapter 18 of A Course In Miracles, quoting from the Thomas Wakechild version of the Foundation of Inner Peace edition.

This is the chapter that contains one of the most beautiful pieces of the Course; the Section The Little Garden and the sections that lead into it are almost as beautiful.



Aware of Awareness Jan 15 2019

Dr. David R. Hawkins, suggests in his book, Healing and Recovery, that the body is only experienced in mind, mind is only experienced in consciousness, and consciousness is only experienced in awareness. His thoughts lead you upwards into an experience of awareness itself – who (what) you really are.

Adyashanti recently published a short talk titled Always and Already. It also talks about awareness as being the final result of self-inquiry. Who am I, or what am I, are the two basic questions of self-inquiry.

Both come together to show you that what you truly are is Awareness itself: not your body, not your mind, not even your consciousness.



An End to Upside Down Thinking Jan 8 2019

Part book review, and part commentary, of An End to Upside Down Thinking: Dispelling the Myth That the Brain Produces Consciousness, and the Implications for Everyday Life, by Mark Gober.

The show brings out three ideas:

  1. Consciousness underlies and creates matter, rather than matter (the brain) producing consciousness
  2. The brain acts as a filter to narrow the awareness of full consciousness
  3. Reduced brain functioning can increase access to full consciousness