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Radio 2020

The following are links to shows hosted on CFBX 92.5 FM in 2020. The most recent are listed first. Please see other pages for 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 shows.


CEE Book Review Secular Meditation March 3 2020

Offering 32 Practices for Cultivating Inner Peace, Compassion and Joy, the book is also A Guide from the Humanist Community at Harvard. While Humanists reject any concept of God and are non-theistic, there are many practices within spirituality that do add inner peace, compassion and joy to your life. In this book review, we look at a few practices and how they can add to your spiritual life, despite being presented by a Humanist Community. Many of the practices have been taken from Buddhism and are very suitable for a spiritual practice.


CEE Awareness as Spirit Feb. 25 2020

Does the saying, ‘The spirit lives on after death’ seem to be a bit too general for you? What happens if you replace the word ‘spirit’ with ‘awareness’? The show is based on Rupert Spira’s use of the words ‘awareness’ and ‘consciousness’ for the part of you that lives forever; the real you, or the big ‘S’ Self as Ramana Maharshi used to say. This show also introduces the concept of the cycle of drama and how awareness sits back watching, and is never affected.


CEE Chapter 29 A Course In Miracles Feb. 18 2020

A summary of Chapter 29 of A Course In Miracles


CEE Context, Awareness and Context Feb. 12 2020

The terms consciousness and awareness are often used interchangeably, but are they the same? We can be vaguely aware of many things, but when we focus on it, we become much more aware (conscious) of it. Is consciousness the focusing of awareness? Or do they mean the same thing?


CEE 18 Positionalities February 4 2020

A list, from Dr. David R. Hawkins, of 18 positionalities that most of us hold, and how these hidden beliefs hold us back, spiritually speaking.


CEE Robert Wolfe Enlightenment Is Already Here January 28 2020

A quick look at only the first few monographs in Robert Wolfe’s book, Awakening To Infinite Presence: The Clarity Of Self Realization, and some clarifying questions he raises. As enlightenment is always here, are you ready for it?


CEE A Course In Miracles Chapter 28 January 21 2020

A summary of Chapter 28 of A Course In Miracles, The Undoing Of Fear.


CEE 12 Spiritual Concepts to Believe

In his 2003 book, I: Reality and Subjectivity, Dr. David R. Hawkins published list of the most valuable qualities of a spiritual seeker (pages 172-174). This episode discusses that list.


CEE Humbleness and Humility

Humbleness and humility can be hard concepts for the ego. Nonetheless, the concepts are valid and useful.