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Also posted at a sister site, www.aLovingSelf.com, two audios to help you learn how to be in your body and to release as you do so.

First, an audio on how to get into your body.

Getting into your body is an important first step in releasing your ego, for two reasons:
1. With practice, you will be able to get deeply enough into the physical body, your energy body and the body’s intelligence, that you will have a spiritual experience that puts you into a very loving place. Here all manner of previous affronts and judgments simply have no reality and are dismissed.
2. Even without such a spiritual experience, you will be able to consciously move the energy of past judgments by assisting the energy to express itself; once expressed, the energy dissipates and is gone. So is the judgment.

This is a basic practice audio. If you would like to become skilled at this work, practice it daily for best results. Learn the difference in how it feels to be in your body and out of your head, and also learn to feel the continuum moving from being in the head to being deeply in the body. You will then be able to drop into your body in a few seconds, even when an upsetting event is already occurring.

Second, another very basic basic audio on using being in the body and the body’s intelligence to consciously release old and hurtful energies that make up much of the ego. Practice it until you can drop into your body and release energy anytime/anywhere, no matter how upsetting the situation.

Suggested Research:

All of the work by Dr. David R. Hawkins; especially his 2002 lecture series. His work is available through many bookstores, published by www.veritaspub.com. The 2002 lectures and many of his other lectures are also available through www.audible.com. Youtube carries a selection of videos.

A Course in Miracles; and also Kenneth Wapnick’s books on his understanding of ACIM, especially “The Message of A Course In Miracles.” The Circle of Atonement Edition and study groups are also recommended. I have also enjoyed reading the understanding of ACIM presented at http://www.pathwaysoflight.org/.

The Ego Tunnel, by Thomas Metzinger. ISBN 978-0-465-02069-0

The Self Illusion (How the Social Brain Creates Identity), by Bruce Hood. ISBN 978-1-44340-523-2

Biocentrism, by Robert Lanza MD, with Bob Berman. ISBN 978-193525174-351495

Th Untethered Soul, by Michael A. Singer. ISBN-13:978-1-57224-537-2 and ISBN-10: 1-57224-537-9

Falling Into Grace, by Adyashanti. ISBN 978-1-60407-937-1

The Way of Liberation, by Adyashanti (free eBook) http://www.adyashanti.org/library/The_Way_of_Liberation_Ebook.pdf