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Dr. Hawkins always said to just let it go. That’s not enough instruction for many people, including this body!

I was always trying to let go from my head. Once I discovered I could let go from being in my body, letting go became so much easier. It took only a few major releases of energy held in my body to have the emotional and “head” energy disappear. Then I could easily see when I was in my ego and when I was not. I could let go of reactions to the world, then practice just letting the ego go, and find myself often out of my ego for longer and longer periods of time. It is truly peaceful to be out of the ego.

So here I am, to share with you what thoughts I have about the ego – highly influenced by both Dr. David R. Hawkins and A Course in Miracles – and a deep and relatively easy process of letting go of ALL the energy behind a particular feeling or reaction, that works quite well, and builds over time into a less-egoic life.

Being out of my ego lets me clearly see the reactions of others, and when I am in the ego. Depending on how deeply I have hooked myself, I can see how what I am doing is also a reaction. Yes, I still get hooked. The undoing of this ego is a work in progress.

That said, I am willing to help others learn the process so that they too can experience the peace of a non-ego, or at least a non-ego response to their own life situations.

The first question people ask is about payment. Here is my (long) answer.

There are two additional sections to A Course In Miracles that are not as well known as the Course itself. These are The Song of Prayer and The Psychotherapy Pamphlet. The last section of the Psychotherapy Pamphlet is about the role of a healer and a “bought relationship.”

The section starts with the statement “No one can pay for therapy, for healing is of God and He asks nothing for it. It is, however, part of His plan that everything in this world be used by the Holy Spirit to help in carrying out the plan. Even an advanced therapist has some earthly needs while he is here. Should he need money it will be given him, not in payment, but to help him better serve the plan…. There will be those of whom the Holy Spirit asks some payment for His purpose. There will be those from whom He does not ask. It should not be the therapist who makes these decisions… The right to live is something no one need fight for. It is promised him, and guaranteed by God… it is with God’s healers… They give because they have heard His Word and understood it. All that they need will thus be given them. But they will lose this understanding unless they remember that all they have comes only from God. If they believe they need anything from a brother, they will recognize him as a brother no longer… No one should be turned away because he cannot pay. No one is sent by accident to anyone.”

As suggested in the Psychotherapy Pamphlet: no one will be turned away because they cannot pay.

If you wish to contribute towards meeting the earthly needs of this body, it is very much appreciated. Any payment for directly working with me is voluntary, and may be made by making a donation via PayPal or Interac e-transfer. If you can contribute, please do so.

There may be other reasons for not working with a proposed client such as availability and time, but whether you can pay for services is not an obstacle.

Please contact cara(at)aLovingSelf.com for details if you would like to begin sessions.