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Undo YOUR Ego

It can be difficult to recognize when hooked by the ego, because the hook is so strong that we forget everything we have read or studied about Being! In terms of undoing the ego or learning to let go (as Dr. Hawkins would say, let it go) a Spiritual Director or Mentor helps you by showing you where you lost your self into your ego and then helping you to get back into your consciousness of Being.

Undo Your Ego offers those services with Cara Beckett as Spiritual Director/Coach. She has been a serious student of Dr. David R. Hawkins since 2004 and of Eckhart Tolle and other spiritual teachers for more than 3 decades. Her first look at A Course In Miracles convinced her that the ego had to go; subsequent looks at ACIM and the teaching of Dr. Hawkins gave her a much deeper understanding of working with the ego.

On on several occasions in the early 2000’s, Cara’s reality momentarily erased ‘Cara’ and she became one with All before returning to a more usual reality. This led her to focus intensely on spiritual growth. Cara does NOT consider herself to be enlightened, but does offer the ability to help people become aware enough to watch their ego in action and become unhooked from the ego. This leads to the inner peace, some times called Being Here Now, or Being Present, or Living in the Moment of Now mentioned in many modern spiritual teachings.

Cara’s practical guidance has helped many move past their egos and either resolve life problems or accept what is and work with it, all while living in inner peace and equanimity.

If you would like to explore working with Cara, please email carajaz.coaching(at)gmail.com or connect with the Undo The Ego group and Cara on Facebook.

Payment is completely voluntary, somewhat discouraged for mentorship help but always appreciated when given. Mentorship is about helping you release your ego, not about earning. Acting in service to another is part of the mentors own spiritual practice.

Please see the Services for more detail.